Zulu Imaging can support your construction project, regardless of size, throughout every stage of the building process, from submitting your initial planning application through to project completion. Our methods are quick, safe, cost-effective and cause minimal disruption.

Zulu can provide high definition imagery to give you and your clients a better perspective of overall progress; and to help you to monitor the progress of specific areas of your site. We can also enable you to view areas of your site that may not be easily accessed from the ground.

Zulu can support you on a project of any size, from small domestic builds to large infrastructure and construction projects, such as the building of new roads, railways, bridges, hospitals, schools and other public buildings.

Zulu can also support you in the ongoing maintenance of assets, providing, quick, safe and affordable, high definition imagery of inaccessible areas of buildings, such as church roofs and power station chimneys.

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Drones are increasingly being deployed for the inspection of wind turbines. Turbine blades wear out over time and need to be inspected regularly for chips and cracks. Blade degradation can drastically reduce the amount of energy generated. More seriously, if undetected, this degradation can ultimately cause total blade collapse.

Zulu can obtain high resolution images of the condition of turbine blades, getting much closer to the blades than someone standing on the ground. Including Zulu in your maintenance schedule offers a quick, safe and cost effective means of turbine inspection, minimising turbine downtime. Most importantly, using Zulu will considerably reduce the risk of deploying personnel to inspect blades via the traditional means of a hydraulic platform or roped access.

Zulu also offers a rapid and cost-effective solution for surveying solar farms. Rather than deploying a team of engineers to search for broken panels, Zulu's drones travel at up to 30 miles per hour, enabling them to inspect an entire solar farm in the fraction of the time that it would take the engineering team on foot. The fact that an individual or small team of engineers can inspect Zulu's high definition footage - both "live" and after the flight - offers further cost savings, in terms of a reduction in manpower required.

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Zulu Imaging can provide you with high resolution pictures, taken from fantastic angles, which will enhance the desirability of any domestic or commercial property. An aerial presentation of a property and its surroundings is becoming a must-have feature, for the property-buying public. Such presentations are already commonplace for more expensive properties; and high quality aerial imagery is sure to become the norm, across the market. Whether you would like a top-down overview of an entire farm or estate; or beautiful, elevated images of an individual property; Zulu Imaging will exceed your expectations, delivering the best pictures in a rapid, safe and cost-effective manner.

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Why Choose Zulu Imaging?

At a time when it seems that anyone can buy a drone and throw it up, into the sky, how can you be certain that you are staking your own, hard-earned reputation on an equally reputable provider of unmanned aerial imagery? In choosing Zulu Imaging, you can be assured that you are in safe hands. The absolute minimum that a drone operator should offer you is:

  • A Permit for Commercial Operations, issued by the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Public / products liability insurance up to £10,000,000.

However, Zulu Imaging go much further, in offering you:

  • 12 years and almost 7000 hours of manned aviation experience.
  • considerable experience of operating unmanned aircraft on surveillance missions, in support of military operations in Afghanistan.

With Zulu Imaging, you can be assured of the highest levels of professionalism, based on many years of valuable experience, coupled with a no-compromise approach to Health and Safety. We are also friendly, accommodating and always prepared to go above and beyond, to deliver a level of service that will exceed your expectations.

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